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Pension Fund Billing Authorization


Pre-filled data integration, Conditions, EasySign, Themes &


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Simplify Your Pension Fund Billing Authorization

Transform your pension fund billing process with our digital solutions. Ensure a secure, efficient, and user-friendly authorization experience.

  • Streamlined Billing Authorization
  • Secure Data Handling
  • Enhanced User Convenience
Pension Fund Billing Authorization

A better experience for everyone

For Insurance and Pension Companies

Enhance your pension fund billing authorization process with digital tools, reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency.

For your customers

For Pension Account Holders

Authorize pension fund billing easily and securely. Experience a straightforward and reliable digital process.
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Create one seamless workflow

  1. Pension holder logs in using their pension account credentials.
  2. Uploads the required authorization document.
  3. Selects the consent checkbox to confirm their agreement to the terms.
  4. Completes a digital signature for verification.
  5. The system performs automated compliance and document checks.
  6. Pension holder receives a confirmation of successful billing authorization.

What’s inside?

Every digital process comes with a full suite of features and solutions built-in to make customer data intake easy.

  • Drag and drop
  • White label branding
  • Secure and automated workflow
  • Image and file upload
  • Custom conditions and validations
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Efficient Process Management
  • Secure Document Handling
  • Real-Time Assistance for Users
  • Compliance and Validation Automation
  • Seamless Integration with Financial Systems

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